Tea Roses - JP3090

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What better way to decorate a teapot than with lovely tea roses? We generally imagine a large rose that is not as dense as an old fashioned cabbage rose so I try to paint them a little more simply. Honestly, though, I am greatly influenced by my feelings at the moment and discover new variations at every setting. I’m sure you will too. Just enjoy what happens and when you paint a rose or an arrangement of roses that you really enjoy, you’d better keep them because it probably won’t happen again exactly like that.

Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium or (Clear Glaze Medium)

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors
Dioazine Purple
Pine Green or Olive Green
Purple Madder
Teal Green
Red Violet
Sap Green
Napthol Crimson
Naples Yellow Hue
Napthol Red Light
Juane Brilliant
Unbleached Titanium
Rose Pink
Sapphire or Celadon – Optional
Yellow Oxide
Brilliant Violet – Optional
Yellow Deep

1/4” square stroke, #6 flat
#4 round and/or #6 flat – Base painting (I used the square stroke brush)
#2 liner – Fine details
1” flat – Applying Retarder Medium
3/4” oval glaze – Applying glaze color
1” bristle dusting brush, glaze mop, or stippler – Blending out glazes
1/4" - 1/2” stippler – Blending out glazes in smaller areas.