Combining the brush-maker's skill and advanced technology with the experience and sensitivity of a dedicated folk artist, we are proud to present a line of the highest quality brushes developed especially for the high technical demands of the decorative artist.

When quality counts, you can count on Sure Touch® brushes.

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Fine Art Synthetic Fiber Brushes

Tremendous technological advances have yielded synthetic fibers that equal and even exceed the qualities of natural furs when blended in the proper ratio for specific needs of an artist.

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Fine Art Natural Fiber Brushes

Designed specifically for decorative artists and manufactured with the finest materials available, these are the brushes that the artists in you deserves.

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Sure Touch Choice Bundle

AIf you haven’t had a chance to try our new select fiber brushes this is the perfect opportunity! Our select fiber brushes are some of the most popular in our line and we’ve chosen a selection of the best sizes for this brush set.

  • 1318-3/8” Oval Wash
  • 1318-3/4” Oval Wash
  • 1327-2 Choice Detailer
  • 4010-3 Select Round
  • 4015-0 Select Mid Liner
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Brush care with

Jo Sonja's
Brush Soap & Conditioner

AJust a few minutes of your time can assure longer life for your most important investment in quality brushes. New brushes come shaped with a packing material. Gently rinse the packing material out of your brush with warm water, then wash with a little soap and rinse again. The brush is ready to use with all water based media. For oils, reshape and allow the brush to dry thoroughly before use.

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