Chooks - Simple Techniques For Chickens

Tips & Techniques

Chooks is the delightful Australian term for chicken (rhymes with nook). These Chooks are just begging to be painted by you.


Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors

To make tints, add White

Diox. Purple (V)

Red Violet (RV)

Napthol Crimson (R)

Vermilion (O)

Yellow Deep (Y)

Brilliant Green + touch RV or Olive Green (G)

Celadon (BG)

Titanium White (W)

Carbon Black (BLK)


Jo Sonja’s Sure Touch

#3 - 4 Round - Basic Painting

#2 Liner (1360 Short Liner) - Lines and Details

¾” Flat (1375 Square Stroke) - Apply Retarder Medium

3/8" Oval Glaze or Filbert (#8-10) - Applying antiquing color

1318 Oval Wash - Blending out glaze


Mouse, Smoked Pearl, or Vellum. They would look good on many backgrounds. Glaze (on sample): Olive Green + Black with touches of Purple here and there. Whisper some touches of blue or blue green here and there in background if you would like.

Suggested Techniques

Base - Brush Mix All Colors

Chooks: Water + W 

Comb, Wattle, Stems, Tulips: R

Leaves: G

Ground: Streaky G

Sclera of eye, Beak, Legs, Feet, Flower Dots:   Y + touch RV. May put a touch on R areas. Dry Well. 


Apply a very thin coat of Retarder Medium over surface of painting. Glaze with G + BLK. Add touches of V or V+ touch of W here and there. May add touches of BG + W to sky. Dry. 

Shadow stroke R areas with RV or RV + touch of G + Kleister.

Detail eye, beak, feet, and stems with Kleister strokes (paint + Kleister Med.) of RV + BLK. 

Highlight & Detail

Use Kleister strokes.

Chooks: W, may put W + Y touches here and there.

Red Areas: O + Y to Y

Green Areas: G + W + touch of W. May want BG tints on some leaves.

Decorate leaves with BLK. Could darken pupil of eye if needed. Dry well.

Pattern Ideas

These patterns may be reduced or enlarged as necessary for your personal use.