Oval Museum Bride's Box

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Over the years shaker boxes and particularly the traditional bride’s museum box have been some of Jo Sonja’s favorite surfaces.   The companies that used to manufacture them for us have been long gone and the ones available just either meet our expectations or were prohibitively priced.

The wait is over!  We once again have exceptional, high quality Shaker Style Bentwood Boxes.  We are having sizes custom made to match what we used to have and we could not be more excited.

These Oval Museum Bride's boxes are beautifully made of solid birch and are lighter in weight than other Bentwood boxes that have been available in the past.

We are having many others done to match the sizes that we used over the years but this is our first.  The tall oval box measures 11 1/4" by 8 1/2" and is about 6" tall