Online Class:
Teapot florals

A very beautiful antique Rochester Teapot decorated with a garden of floral favorites. What could be more fun? 

This online lesson is the most comprehensive that we have filmed yet.  A 12 part series with 9 hours of detailed study and discussion showing how to use layering of different techniques to achieve beautiful stylized florals. 

Class features over 9 hours of video  instruction.

These floral compositions were first painted on tea pots that were antique "finds" but we chose to illustrate and film the techniques using flat study panels for high definition results.  The panels are in the shape of teapots and are are designed so the they can be used placemats or displays after you are finished. 


We will layer different stroke styles to create fabulous bouquets of color!

Of course these ideas can be adapted to a wide variety of other shapes and the lesson includes discussions and demonstrations for designing, adapting and drawing these florals to your own dimensional pieces.