Teapot Florals - JP3376 Class

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 Class Details and Benefits:                                             
  • New!  Filmed in High Definition
  • In-depth Video Instruction - 12 class sessions - approximately 9 hours total
  • On-demand access anytime beginning immediately after your purchase.
  • Downloadable PDF resources including closeup photos, patterns and instructions.

Class Includes:

  • In depth study of Stylized Stroke Florals.  The lesson shows layering of different techniques to achieve this beautiful stylized look for florals.
  • Drawing & Design lesson & discussion for designing on your own antique surfaces such as the teapots shown here.
  • Techniques for sketching designs on unusual & difficult surfaces
  • Many color photos.

 Class Bundle options available to choose from above:

Bundle options are available for printed packet, the teapot placemat (study panels), free shipping AND online class access.


A very beautiful antique Rochester Teapot decorated with a garden of floral favorites. What could be more fun? 

This online lesson is the most comprehensive that we have filmed yet.  A 12 part series with 9 hours of detailed study and discussion showing how to use layering of different techniques to achieve beautiful stylized florals. 

These floral compositions were first painted on tea pots that were antique "finds" but we chose to illustrate and film the techniques using flat study panels for high definition results.  The panels are in the shape of teapots and are are designed so the they can be used placemats or displays after you are finished.  

Of course these ideas can be adapted to a wide variety of other shapes and the lesson includes discussions and demonstrations for designing, adapting and drawing these florals to your own dimensional pieces.

Teapot placemat bundle includes two mdf teapots measuring 15 1/2" long  x 10" wide


Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Gold Oxide (toned orange)
Red (your favorite)
Brown Madder
Red Violet
Indian Red Oxide (toned red violet)
Arylide Yellow
Turners Yellow or Yellow Deep
Raw Sienna (toned yellow)
Burnt Sienna (toner for yellows)
Yellow Green
Brilliant Green (green)
Teal Green
Pthalo Green (blue green)
Olive Green (toned green)
Pacific Blue
Pthalo Blue
Blue Violet
Diox Purple (violet)
Carbon Black or Black Umber (basic toner)
Unbleached Titanium
Titanium White

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
Series 1350, 1352 or 4010  - #3-4 round - Basic Painting
Series 1385 or 1387 - #2, 4, 6 filbert - Basic painting
Series 1360 #1-2 Short liner - Fine details
Series 2030 #4-6 Domed Round Blender - Blending out color on larger petals and leaves
Series 1318 1/2" - Applying Retarder Medium, glazing
Series 1318 1/2" - 3/4" Oval Wash - Blending out Retarder and glazes