Online Class:

This fairy tale started in Italy, travelled to France then to Germany with many changes. So... Why not to Scandinavia? Being almost 70% Norwegian (DNA), I had to do it!

The original is painted on a damaged old silver plated piece (it is tilted like the Tower of Pisa) found on one of our antiquing trips. But the magic really began when a very talented Larry Pickett made a reproduction of the piece in wood, so you might have one too! This is a fantastic achievement- multiple glue-ups, lathe turning and skill. Of course you can adapt the idea to many different tall containers, from a water pitcher to a tall coffee pot, your choice.


The top is the magical dragon-castle, (a dragon under a spell who has to serve as Rapunzel's protector until a handsome prince comes to rescue her). The castle sits on Rapunzel's garden, a tapestry of plants, animals, etc. Then comes the old troll woman who stole Rapunzel as a baby (trolls will do that), elves, a handsome prince and other creatures as your imagination generates. In case you didn't know or remember, ancient Scandinavians often decorated their churches with dragons.