Rapunzel - Online Class

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 Class Details and Benefits:                                             
  • New!  Filmed in High Definition
  • In-depth Video Instruction - approximately 2 hours 5 minutes total, in 2 parts.
  • On-demand access anytime beginning immediately after your purchase.
  • Downloadable PDF resources including closeup photos, stepsheets, patterns and instructions. 

 Class Bundle options available to choose from above:

1.  Online class and digital packet only

2.  Online class and print packet mailed

3.  Deluxe - Online class, print and digital packet, heirloom quality, hand-turned decorative wooden pitcher and free US shipping.


This magnificent turned, wooden pitcher stands a full 16.5" high and 7" in diameter at the widest part.


This fairy tale started in Italy, travelled to France then to Germany with many changes. So... Why not to Scandinavia? Being almost 70% Norwegian (DNA), I had to do it!

The original is painted on a damaged old silver plated piece (it is tilted like the Tower of Pisa) found on one of our antiquing trips. But the magic really began when a very talented Larry Pickett made a reproduction of the piece in wood, so you might have one too! This is a fantastic achievement- multiple glue-ups, lathe turning and skill. Of course you can adapt the idea to many different tall containers, from a water pitcher to a tall coffee pot, your choice.

The top is the magical dragon-castle, (a dragon under a spell who has to serve as Rapunzel's protector until a handsome prince comes to rescue her). The castle sits on Rapunzel's garden, a tapestry of plants, animals, etc. Then comes the old troll woman who stole Rapunzel as a baby (trolls will do that), elves, a handsome prince and other creatures as your imagination generates. In case you didn't know or remember, ancient Scandinavians often decorated their churches with dragons. 

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium (optional)
Texture Paste (for prep)
Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty (prep)

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Gold Oxide
Napthol Red Light
India Red Oxide
Arylide Yellow
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Yellow Green
Brilliant Green
Hookers Green
Blue Violet
Brilliant Violet
Diox. Purple
Provincial Beige
Brown Earth
Carbon Black
Unbleached Titanium
Titanium White
Rich Gold

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
B1350/1352/3010/4010 #2-3 round - Basic painting
B1385/1387 #2, 4, 6 filbert - Basic painting
B1360/3020 #2 Short Liner - Fine details
1318 ¾" Oval Wash - Blending out Retarder and glazes
B1315/1317/1318 ½" mop - Applying Retarder Medium
B1315/1317/1318 ¾" mop - Blending out Retarder & glazes
B4055 - 1 1/2" - Applying Varnish