Wedding Celebration - JP3073

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Vest Agder style wedding procession. In this area you see many examples of wedding parties painted around the outer edge of the inside of a bowl. There is a fun stylized flat bottom tulip and a delightful rose from this area.

At the very southern tip of Norway, immediately to the left of the Setesdal Valley on the map, is the area or county known as Vest Agder (West Agder). The port towns of Mandal and Kristiiansand were the bases for trade with Holland.

The folk art of this area is based on floral baroque. With straighter scrolls, almost like palm trees, ending in a profusion of flowers, leaves, and small teardrops or comma strokes. This is an area where we can see many examples of the wedding party painted around the outer edge of the inside of the bowl. A few drunks were usually in attendance as the wedding party progressed.

Backgrounds in this style were usually dark, but a few light versions such as this sandy yellow were used on bowls. Here the bride on horseback in the center is surrounded by leaves, scrolls and flowers in the traditional Vest Agder Rosemaling style