Vintage Florals - JP3177

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Casual small bouquets of flowers with colors soft and gentle as though aged by time and loving care.  Brush techniques that leave soft “worn” edges and delicate blending of col-ors. I present to you the look that we are calling “Vintage Florals.”
These projects are painted on a cachet box however the bouquets are small and can be adapted to many items. You may wish to do an antique tea pot or even a tea set.

Jo Sonja’s Matte Flow Acrylic
Napthol Red Light
Napthol Crimson*
Trans Magenta
Red Violet
Purple Madder
Jaune Brilliant
Pyrrole Orange*
Gold Oxide
Brown Madder
Naples Yellow Hue
Yellow Light
Turners Yellow*
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Yellow Green
Moss Green
Brilliant Green*
Olive Green
Pthalo Green
Pacific Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Blue Violet
Brilliant Violet*
Dioxazine Purple
Titanium White
Provincial Beige
Brown Earth
Pale Gold
Rich Gold
Pearl White

Jo Sonja’s Artist Mediums
Painting medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Retarder Medium (faux finish)