Blended Stroke Florals: Technique Studies - Online Class - JP3328

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 Class Details and Benefits:                                             
  • New!  Filmed in High Definition
  • In-depth Video Instruction - approximately 5 hour 50 minutes total, in 5 video parts.
  • On-demand access anytime beginning immediately after your purchase.
  • Detailed booklet (digital PDF or printed version available) including closeup photos, patterns, and detailed instructions.


Class Bundle includes:

1.  Online Class - 5 hours and 50 minutes in five video sessions. 

2.  Design packet with high resolution photos and instructions.

3.  Print version of the design packet shipped with the wood piece

4.  Large Wood Desk box:  The bombay style desk box is made from solid alder and measures approximately 15" long x 13" wide and stands 4.5" tall.

It is so much fun to offer your guests an assortment of teas from a beautifully decorated chest.  The decoration is florals that have been interpreted with lightly textured strokes on the outside and softer, more dry brushed flowers on the inside for a total decorative presentation with great interest.

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Wild Rose
Napthol Red Light
Red Earth
India Red Oxide
Red Violet
Jaune Brilliant
Tiger Lily
Gold Oxide
Naples Yellow Hue
Turners Yellow
Yellow Orange
Raw Sienna
Moss Green
Green Oxide
Olive Green
Storm Blue
Brilliant Violet
Diox. Purple
Provincial Beige
Brown Earth
Carbon Black
Unbleached Titanium
Titanium White

Background Colors:
Rich Gold

#2-6 Sableon filberts, #6 Sableon round – Basic painting, especially the stroke florals on the outside top.
#0-2 Domed Round Blender – Basic painting of dry brushed flowers.
#2-4 Pointed Round Blender – Basic painting of dry brushed flowers.
#2 liner – Fine details.

*You may prefer your Taklon brushes for the stroke florals. The main difference between the Taklon and Sableon brushes is that the Sableon brushes have a firmer touch and may help you control your textured effects more easily.For soft, dry-brushed flowers, the bristle blenders are fun. But if you have some old filberts, you may like to try them.