Victoria's Painted Garden - JP165

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We proudly present to you this book by Jo Sonja
136 pages all in full color. 

Inspired by the beautifully decorated pieces of the Victorian era, Jo Sonja has created a delightful blend of whimsey and elegance in her new book Victoria’s Painted Garden.

Rococo scrolls, dripping moss, cobwebs and dewdrops combine with graceful birds and beautiful stroke flowers to adorn trays, coffee pots and an elegant clock.

Whimsical Fruitcake and Piccalilli will make you chuckle as you surround them with fruits, stylized flowers, and vines. Look for baby Piccalilli among the half eaten leaves.

Finish your Victorian inspired journey with the beautiful “Butterfly Garden” and the whimsical “Pocket of Posies”, a collection of floral faces that are sure to tempt your brush for many small gift items.