Vest Agder Baroque Vase - JP3160

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Photographs of an old piece that Jo Sonja and Jerry saw on one of their European tours were the inspiration for this study.  The old piece was based a brighter blue, like Cornflower or Sapphire + Stillwater (1:1) + a little Provincial Beige (or Raw Umber + white).  Jo Sonja chose black, one of her favorite backgrounds to paint on.

The bundle includes the large oval bentwood box, pattern packet and FREE US shipping.  This is a beautiful large bentwood box - 16 1/2" long x 11" wide and 3 1/2 " high.  This is a high quality bentwood.  It is handcrafted by Larry Pickett and the joints are sanded so that it is seamless with no brass buttons.  

Jo Sonja’s Matte Flow Acrylics
Tiger Lily
Orange or Vermillion
Red mix – Red Earth + touch Orange or Vermillion
Purple Madder
Linen or Unbleached Titanium
Carbon Black

Jo Sonja's Artist's Mediums
Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium (optional)

#3-4 round: Basic painting, brush sketching.
#2 liner: Fine details.
½"-3/4" oval glaze, flat or filbert: Glazing around edge, if desired.
#2-3 striper: Stripe around edge of tray (optional).
#2-3 bristle fan brush: Tree.