Ultracover Primer, Black - 8 Oz Bottle - JJ3719

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Chroma’s Jo Sonja Ultra Cover prepares and seals most surfaces including wood, canvas, paper, glass, plastic, terra cotta and metal. Covers with a thick gesso-like coat, is fast and easy to use and provides superior adhesion and opaque coverage without the chalky feel of gesso.

• Shake or stir contents prior to use.
• Apply directly to surface using a clean brush, roller or sponge. Consistency will be thick when applied. NOTE: For very slick surfaces, light sanding should be done prior to  application of Ultra Cover to provide a “tooth” for better adhesion.
• Allow to air dry.
• Apply second coat for extra coverage if needed.
• Once dry, you will be ready to create your artwork.
• Color may be altered using Chroma’s Jo Sonja Artists’ or Background Colors. Add in small amounts to tint as desired.
• May be sanded when cured for a smoother surface.
• Clean up with mild soap and water.

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