The Toymaker - JP1132

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Somewhere in the back of a toy shop sits the toy painter, his hand pauses as he reflects on the traditional toy nativity figures he has just decorated. Does he think of the beautiful Christmas story he has just illustrated or of the hands that will lovingly unwrap the figures each Christmas in the years to come? Mary is yet to be completed. Does he think of her task as one which is not yet finished?
What of the face that is just barely in the background? Is it a child, or an elf? The toy doll on the wall behind his head seems to be viewing the whole scene with child-like adoration. Is it possible?

The rim of the plate of this scene is filled with toys richly decorated by the old folk artist’s brush. Toys that we may not give a second glance but that will gladden the heart of some child, no matter the age, somewhere.
Please enjoy this plate, the painting techniques are simple, but effective. The face of the old folk artist is complex but if you paint it with deep feeling it will look good no matter the technique.