The House Tompten - JP3421

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This little house tompten (elf) is a pleasant fellow that wards and watches over the house. Be sure to reward him on Christmas Eve with a small bowl of porridge and glass of berry juice.

The deskbox measure 9" wide x 7.5" long  x 3" tall.

Jo Sonja’s Matte Flow Acrylic
Napthol Red Light
India Red Oxide
Yellow Light
Yellow Oxide
Marigold or Antique Brass
Tiger Lily
Tingle's Pond
Storm Blue
Carbon Black
Smoked Pearl
Titanium White
Flesh mix (white + touch of yellow + touch of Tiger Lily)

Jo Sonja's Artist's Mediums
Clear Glaze Medium
Retarder Medium
Polyurethane Varnish, Satin

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
B1350/1352/4010 #3-4 round,
B1385/1387 #4-6 filbert or B1370/1372 #4-6 flat - Basic painting
B1360/3020 #2 liner - Fine details