The Blue Dolphin's - Desk Box - JP3326

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This is a continuation piece for the designs that I will call "The Blue Dolphin's".  Other designs of this style are in the book, Bridal Painting - JP160.  There are also step paintings of the different objects used in this stylized design that you may enjoy.

Don't like blue dolphins?  Paint them more grey with just a touch of blue.  Suggestions are included in the technique section.

There  is also package option for packet JP3326.  It includes the packet, the molded sides desk box with a hinged lid and FREE shipping.  The desk box is 12" x 9" and 4 inches high.   There is a limited supply of these boxes at this time.

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Jo Sonja's Matte Flow Acrylics

Pyrrole Orange or Vermilion
Gold Oxide
Red (your favorite)
Red Violet
Turners Yellow
Yellow Oxide (or Raw Sienna + Turners Yellow)
Raw Sienna
Teal Green
Olive Green (or black + touch of yellow)
Blue (your favorite)
Diox Purple
Carbon Black or Black Umber
Unbleached Titanium
Titanium White

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 Round, #4-6 filber - Basic painting
#1-2 liner - Fine details
#2 striper - Long stripes, crosshatching
1/2" old brush - Applying Retarder Medium
3/4" -1" mop - Mopping out Retarder, faux marble, glazes.
#2 Domed Round Blender (2030) or old #2 filbert - Brush sketching inside motif if a softer look is desired