Bundle - Tea in a Floral Garden - JP3360

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This bundle includes the new cut corner tray and the new classic design packet for Tea in a Floral Garden as shown here.  The packet is also available without purchasing the bundle - select which option you want under "bundle options"

This cut corner tray is beautifully reproduced in alder and baltic birch.  All of the moldings are solid alder and the floor of the tray is birch ply.  You can see in the photos that it is expertly mitered and constructed.  The tray is wonderfully lightweight at just 10 ounces and yet is a full 17" long by 11" wide.  The exact dimensions of the original tin.

This is a classic older Jo Sonja design that was taught once and not ever published in any book or packet.  The flower forms were inspired by the old Ukranian floral paintings that were done by the women on their kitchen walls.


Retarder Medium
Painting medium of choice.

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors

Red Earth
Rose Pink
Norwegian Orange
Raw Sienna
Yellow Oxide
Turner's Yellow
Prussian Blue Hue + small amt. of Brown Earth
Sapphire + Warm White
Pine Green
Moss + Warm White
Warm White
Smoked Pearl
Brown Earth
Carbon Black
Warm White + Norwegian Orange

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4 Round - Basic painting
#2 Liner - Fine details.
1" Mop - Applying Retarder