Swedish Granddaughter's Clock - JP3403

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This smaller girl-like form has been inspired by the large clocks made like a Swedish bride from Mara, Sweden. You can see a lovely collection of these clocks in the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Nancy Lassen invited me to her home in San Diego, Ca and I was delight to see her completed Granddaughter clock standing on her brick hearth. The clock was so lovely there, a beautiful addition to her home and children love to look in the hole in front and see the little house inside.

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Painting Medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Retarder Medium - Optional
Flow Medium - Optional

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Red Earth
Indian Red Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Green Oxide
Prussian Blue Hue or Storm Blue
Brown Earth
Carbon Black
Provincial Beige
Smoked Pearl
Warm White

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4-5 round - Basic painting
#1-2 liner - Small details
#1-2 Striper - Stripes
3/4" Oval Wash or filbert - Applying paint (faux finish)
1" bristle fan (1396-6) - Faux finish option
Plastic wrap - Faux finish option