St. Nicolas Giver of Gifts - JP3210

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This special plate, a contemporary expression of a traditional bride’s box style has been painted for the 1st Christmas of our 1st great grandchild, Ava Scarlet. I hope it inspires you to paint a special gift for one of your beloved friends or family members.

Jo Sonja's Matte Flow Acrylic
Antique Green
Brown Earth
Carbon Black
Napthol Red Light
Mid Value Grey (Nimbus Grey)
Olive Green
Rosewood or Purple Madder
Red Earth
Tiger Lily
Turners Yellow
Titanium White (optional)
Unbleached Titanium
Yellow Oxide

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round (#6 Sableon) and #6 filbert - Basic painting.
#2 short liner - Fine details, lettering.
#00 Sableon Round - For fine details if you’d prefer