St. Nicholas Sleigh - JP1198

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While shopping in an East Coast department store, the most fantastic Santa greeted us in the Christmas department. He was the inspiration for this piece, which, surrounded by greens, could welcome your guests throughout the Christmas season.

JoSonja's Matte Flow Acrylics
Olive Green
Brilliant Violet
Moss Green
Unbleached Titanium

Gold Oxide
Warm White
Raw Umber
Yellow Oxide
Naples Yellow Hue

Jo Sonja's Artist's Mediums
Retarder Medium
Clear Glaze Medium
Kleister Medium
Polyurethane Varnish – Satin

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4 filbert – Basic painting techniques.
#3 round – Finer details, lettering.
#2 striper, or long liner – All stripes.
#2 liner – Very fine details, if needed.