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This bundle includes the expertly crafted, turned cake stand + pattern packet and FREE US shipping.  This is truly a beautiful heirloom piece.  It measures 11" in diameter and 13" tall.  These take quite some time to get in so we are limited to stock on hand but they are always on order and if it indicates that it is out of stock, please enter your email address and you will be automatically notified when they arrive.

Taking the words of an old English hymn by Dean Alford for inspiration this piece just happened... ever so joyful.  Of course, the beautiful piece was also very  inspirational.

Meant to be a color study, I also undertook a technique change which have an unusual softness to the painting that I wish to use again... and again. I hope that you'll enjoy this study also.

Jo Sonja's Artist's Mediums
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Jo Sonja’s Artist Colors
Pyrole Orange
Gold Oxide
Napthol Crimson or Napthol Red
Light or Pyrrole Red
Red Earth
Brown Madder
Red Violet
India Red Oxide
Arylide Yellow
Yellow Orange
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Yellow Green
Brilliant Green
Pthalo Green
Olive Green
Pthalo Blue or Ultramarine Blue
Diox Purple
Carbon Black or Black Umber
Smoked Pearl
Titanium White
Oakmoss or Sea Grass

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
Series 4010, 1352 or series 1350 - #3-4 round

Series 1385 or 1387 - #2, 4, 6 filbert - Basic painting.
Series 1360 - #1-2 liner - fine details, stripes.
Series 2010 - #2-4 Oval Dry Brush or #0-2
Series 2030 - Domed Round Blender
Series 1390 1/2" Oval Wash - Applying Retarder.
Series 1318 – ¾” Oval Wash 3/4" - blending out Retarder.