Sleigh Bells Ring DVD Packet - JD136

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This painting was inspired by the cover painting of an early Artist’s Journal. Of course time has passed so I reworked the sketch a little and enjoyed the subject again.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
Flow Medium
Retarder Medium
Clear Glaze Medium
All Purpose Sealer

Napthol Red Light
Red Earth
Yellow Orange
Yellow Oxide
Rich Gold
Pale Gold
Deep Pond*
Smoked Pearl
Nimbus Grey
Titanium White
Carbon Black

*Denotes background color

Green mix (Deep Pond* + Yellow Orange)
Light blue (Deep Pond* + Titanium White)
Flesh mix (Red Earth + Smoked Pearl + touch Yellow Oxide

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round, #2, 4, 6 flat or filberts - general painting
#0-2 short liner - Fine details
1/4" Oval Wash - Transparent basing, horses
3/8" Oval Wash - Stippling of outer rim
#0 Domed Round Blender - swirling snow
1/2" old brush - applying Retarder
1" mop - Blending out Retarder