Santa's Workshop - JP3219 Bundle

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This bundle includes the turned 16" beaded plate, pattern packet, color photos and FREE US shipping.  The plate is turned from basswood by Tim Montzka.  If you've ever seen Montzka's plates you know that they are the very best available.  

Don’t you imagine the wonders of Santa’s Workshop? Please join me for a marvelous moment of fun and memories as we paint the “jolly old elf,” surrounded by helpers and toys. Change what you want, imagine what you’d like and enjoy this memory with me!

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Tiger Lily
Napthol Red Light
Red Earth
Red Violet
Indian Red Oxide
Tiger Lily
Gold Oxide
Naples Yellow Hue
Turners Yellow
Raw Sienna
Moss Green
Brilliant Green
Teal Green
Raindrop (or Sea Green)
Storm Blue
Brilliant Violet
Diox Purple
Provincial Beige
Brown Earth
Burnt Umber
Carbon Black
Titanium White
Flesh mix – Marigold + Tiger Lily. Highlight flesh with Naples Yellow Hue + touch of Tiger Lily.

This plate was designed and painted when I took Bobby Takashima’s class in Feb. 2010. I specifically wanted to enjoy her use of the pointed round blender and learn to use it better myself. Therefore, most of my plate was painted with various sizes of this brush, a #2, #6, #8.

#2 short liner – Lettering and fine details.
#0 1330 Kolinsky liner – Fine details, such as Santa’s hair, and beard.
#2, 6, 8, Pointed round blender – Basic painting.
*or substitute #4 round or #2, 4, 6, filberts