Sand Castles - JP3093

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There is a charm of old sun-drenched Mediterranean villas in this modern adaptation of castles and roses. The deep rich golds are balanced by medium dark rusty oranges and cooler violets with just a hint of olive greens. Just a few white swans, done stroke style, complete the softly elegant look that would go with any modern decor, from eclectic to “old world” traditional to coastal living. Enjoy the rich, softly glowing colors as you decorate pieces with this lovely look inspired by the more traditional casual boat painting style.
The pieces are a collection of old tin and other metal pieces from our “junking” excursions. These ideas will adapt easily to pieces of your own choosing and we will give you many suggestions as to possible variations.

Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors
Dioxazine Purple
Purple Madder
Red Earth
Rose Pink
Juane Brilliant (optional)
Gold Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Naples Yellow Hue (optional)
Olive Green
Pine Green
Moss Green
Celedon (optional)
Unbleached Titanium
Carbon Black
Burnt Umber

#4 round or #6 filbert - Basic painting brush.
#2 liner - Fine details.
1/2" - 3/4” oval glaze - Applying glazes or antiquing colors.
3/4"-1” round bristle duster or mop - Blending out glazes.