Sampson and the Lion - JP3261

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A favorite theme of the folk artists of the past was the Biblical story and his amazing God given strength.

Complete Supply List:

Painting Medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium
Clear Glaze Medium
All Purpose Sealer
Water Based Polyurethane
Varnish, Satin.

Tiger Lily
Norwegian Orange
Yellow Deep
Yellow Oxide
Oak Moss
Teal Green
Prussian Blue Hue
Burnt Sienna
Brown Earth
Carbon Black or Paynes Grey
Unbleached Titanium

¾-1" old brush - Applying Retarder.
¼" Possibilities Brush - Basing lions.
#2, #4, #6 Filbert - Basic painting.
#1-2 Striper- Stripes.
#0 Pointed Round Blender - Hair
*Note - The scrolls, etc. may be done with #2-4 Oval Dry Brush or a #2-4 Pointed Round Blender for a very interesting and beautiful look.