Rogaland Rosettes - JP3266

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Symmetrical floral designs are the hallmark of the Rogaland Rosemaling style. Casual technique was used on the early Rogaland style. A more formal touch with crosshatching ushered in the development of the American Rogaland style.

Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium

Jaune Brilliant
Gold Oxide
Purple Madder
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Olive Green
Raw Umber
Unbleached Titanium
Light green mix - Unbleached Titanium + touch of Olive Green + touch of Yellow Oxide
Deep red mix - Purple Madder + Raw Umber

#3 round, #6 filbert - Basic painting
#2 short liner - Fine details
#1-2 sable detailer - Teardrops
1/2" old brush - Applying Retarder for glazing of color
1/2" Oval Wash - Applying glaze color