Rogaland Rosettes - JP3072

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This bundle includes the beautifully turned, custom 16" bass wood bowl made for us by Tim Montzka, photos, step sheet and instructions.

The Rogaland style of Rosemaling has been enjoyed by many. This piece, on a lovely old soft coral, is so appropriate for today's décor. Please enjoy!

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors

Purple Madder
Red Earth
Red Violet
Gold Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Olive Green
Warm White
Rich Gold
Turners Yellow
Burnt Umber

Painting medium of choice
Kleister Medium

Jo Sonja’s Sure Touch Brushes
#4 - 6 filbert (series 1385, 1387) - Basic painting.
#2 liner (series 1360) - Lettering, fine details.
#3 round (series 1350, 1352, 4010) - Larger commas or teardrops.