Rogaland Pie Basket - JP3225

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Symmetrical design which can be expressed formally or informally is a special treat for many artists. Being a more casual artist, it is always a great challenge for me, but I so admire and appreciate the beauty of this type of design. I still consider my Rogaland work a search for personal style, but am happy to share my journey with you, and wish you happy hours of painting with me as we explore some possibilities.

Supply List:

Gel Retarder or Retarder Medium
Fast drying glaze medium (optional)
Kleister Medium

Tiger Lily
Red Earth
Purple Madder (or Ind. Red Oxide)
Raw Sienna
Olive Green
Lt. Blue mix*
Prussian Blue Hue
Unbleached Titanium
Burnt Umber
Carbon Black (optional)
*Lt. blue mix is Unbleached Titanium + touch of Stillwater and Marigold.
Painting medium of choice

#4-6 Sableon filbert — Basic painting, blending
#2 Striper — Stripes
#1 -2 Series 1325 Kolinsky detailer or quill — Fine lines, tear drops
#0-2 Sableon round — You may prefer this brush for teardrops.
Note: If you would prefer a more casual touch, you could try one of the blenders for shading.