Pansy Thoughts - Clock-in-a-box Bundle

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Included in this bundle is the lovely clock desk box, photos, instructions and free US Shipping.  "Pansy Thoughts" this makes a wonderful gift.   The clock in a box measures 4 3/4" square.

There's Rosemary, that's for remembrance. There's pansies, that's for thought." -Shakespeare. The pansy has also been called Heartease. Cuddle-me-to-you, and Love-in idleness. But whatever name you wish to give to them, the flowers enchant you with their lovely petals of fabulous colors.

Retarder (Gel Retarder)
Fast Drying Glaze Medium (optional)

Napthol Red Light
Red Violet or Magenta
Purple Madder
Gold Oxide
Turners Yellow
Yellow Orange
Raw Sienna
Olive Green
Antique Green
Prussian Blue Hue
Brilliant Violet
Diox Purple
Paynes Grey
Smoked Pearl
Titanium White

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#3-4 round, 2,4,6 filbert - Basic painting.
#2 liner - Fine details, stripes, lettering.
1/2"-3/4" brush - Applying Retarder Medium or Gel Retarder.