Painted Roses DVD Packet - JD116

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This new DVD offers a first look at casual stroke based roses. We begin with the Sweet Heart Rose, a lovely soft rose based on early stroke rose styles. Then we’ll take a look at a more casual personal interpretation that I call Briar Roses and finally continue the basic technique into full blown tea roses. Thirty printed color images, three full color step sheets, designs and techniques combine to make this a wonderful study package! Includes instructions, patterns and photographs for the three unique projects!

186 Minutes.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Gel Retarder or Retarder

Sweetheart Roses:
Purple Madder
Red Earth or Wild Rose
Mustard Seed or Yellow
Storm Blue
Olive Green
Unbleached Titanium
Brighter colors:
Red Violet
Wild Rose
Tiger Lily
Yellow Deep
Pine Green
Ultramarine Blue or Blue
Titanium White
Yellow Green (optional)
Brilliant Violet (optional)

* To make lighter values add white (tints).  The Brilliant Violet stripe would be the use of discordant color. It is a color that is not used in the painting or color scheme, but its use enhances the total presentation.

Briar Rose:
Purple Madder (toned
Napthol Crimson R
Vermilion (O)
Yellow Deep (Y)
Gold Oxide (toned O)
Moss Green (yg tint)
Jaune Brilliant (O tint)
Naples Yellow Hue (y tint)
Titanium White (W)

* Red Violet + touch
Olive Green may be
substituted here.

Baker's Dozen:
First Setting:
Purple Madder
Red Violet
Napthol Crimson
Raw Sienna
Pine Green
Blue Violet
Brilliant Violet

Second Setting:
Napthol Red Light
Yellow Orange
Turners Yellow
Pacific Blue
Moss Green
Titanium White

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#6 filbert or flat
#3 round
#2 liner
#6 oval dry brush
¼” Possibilities brush