Nussknacker and Mausekönig - JP3243

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Nutcracker! Beware! You are so intent on watching the little mouse in the corner that the Mouse King has crept up behind you. Christmas tradition would not be complete with the delightful music from the Nutcracker Ballet or the story of the nutcracker by ETA Hoffman. The battle just adds a sense of drama to the holidays and delights the mind of even the oldest “child”.

 This bundle includes the turned 16" beaded plate, pattern packet, color photos and FREE US shipping.  The plate is turned from basswood by Tim Montzka.  If you've ever seen Montzka's plates you know that they are the very best available.  

Retarder Medium
Painting medium of choice

Jo Sonja's Matte Flow Acrylics

India Red Oxide - Dk R
Napthol Red Light - Med R
Vermillion - Med O
Amethyst - Med V
Gold Oxide - Dk Y
Yellow Oxide - Med Y
Yellow Light - Lt Y
Ultramarine Blue - Dk B
Colony Blue - Med B
Aqua - Lt B
Brilliant Green - Med G
Brown Earth - BR
Carbon Black - BLK
Mid Value Grey (Nimbus) - Dk W
Smoked Pearl - Med W
Warm White - Lt W
Flesh Mix - Dk Y + Med W (value 7)

The painting was done with a #4 round brush. An old #8 filbert was used to paint the weath of a base larger areas of the design. The filbert does a nice job of "dabby" or rough blending. Use a #2 liner for fine details.