Noah's 2x2 - JP3359

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  This bundle includes the turned 20" beaded plate, pattern packet, color photos and FREE US shipping.  The plate is turned from basswood by Tim Montzka.  If you've ever seen Montzka's plates you know that they are the very best available.   The design was originally published in the book Brush of Whimsey but it has been redone with new photography and color closeups.  The packet is available as an option without the plate if you prefer - select your choice under bundle options.

Have you ever thought about Noah gathering up all those birds, animals, creepy creatures and bugs?  I decided to leave out the snakes - ugh!  But do put some in if you'd like and change any of the animals as you wish.  I just had fun filling the rim of the plate with critters of any size that I felt like painting.  Another fun feature was blending-off or fading parts of their bodies into the background so that they could be layered or "overlapped" better.  The creatures in the basket are painted the same as on the rim, but you'll instantly realize that you have to use darker values of the colors, because of the very dark value background color.


Retarder Medium
Magic Mix

Jo Sonja's Matte Flow Acrylics

Diox Purple
lndia Red Oxide
Brilliant Violet *
Red Violet
Amethyst *
Napthol Crimson
Yellow Deep
Brilliant Green
Ultramarine Blue
Raw Umber
Carbon Black
Burnt Umber
Gold Oxide
Yellow Oxide
Titanium White or
Unbleached Titanium

*Brilliant Violet may be mixed from Diox Purple + white.
Amethyst may be mixed using Red Violet + white.

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4 Round and #6 - #8 Flat - Basic painting
#2 Liner - Fine details.
1" Flat or Oval Glaze - Applying Retarder
3/8” Oval Glaze or #6 Filbert - Applying glaze color
3/4" - 1” Mop, Stippler or Bristle Blender - Blending out glaze color.