Nissen Ornaments - JN006

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I think there are many countries who have these little character. I painted mine as little Norwegian Tomten. And I like to introduce friends to the one who come with my paternal grandparents in grandfather's trunk and now lives in our studio. Fun!

This set includes the blank ornaments, color photos and instructions for the set - patterns are etched on the surface for ease and to add dimension to the painting.  


Ornament Heights (approximate):

around 4.5-4.75" tall.

Another wonderful outlet for our creative journey.   Each collection includes instructions, color photos, patterns and four etched MDF ornaments.  As you can see below, each ornament has the pattern etched on the surface to help create dimension in the painting and eliminate the need for tracing.  

If you prefer the etching can be painted over and pattern applied.  Jo Sonja will be continuing to add new designs to this series.

 Example unpainted ornaments:

Painting medium of choice
Retarder Medium
Kleister Medium
Texture Paste (optional)

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors
red (your favorite)
Red Violet (or Purple
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Gold Oxide
Provincial Beige
Brown Earth
blue (your favorite)
Diox Purple
Nimbus Grey
Carbon Black
Titanium White
Bisque (Skin Tone Base)

Flesh Mix = Bisque +
touch of Gold Oxide

#2-3 rounds, #2,4,6 filbert - Basic painting.
#1-2 short liner - Fine details.
3/8” Oval Wash - Use to base larger areas, glazes or apply Retarder Medium.
3/4” mop - Brush out Retarder or glaze
1/2” Oval Wash - Wonderful to varnish cut-outs