Mountain Mary - JP3023

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Mountain Mary really lived. She loved a Hessian soldier who never returned. She is immortalized in both story, Fraktur painting, and silver figure for a necklace from a shop in Williamsburg, VA. The painting is on an old coffeepot that we found on an outing to antique shops. The reverse side has a beautiful fruit arrangement with a pear, strawberries, grapes and a peach.

This piece was an antique coffee pot found at an antique store. Many different styles and sizes can be found. The designs adapt easily to a variety of surfaces.

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors

Red Violet - RV
Napthol Crimson - R
Vermilion - O
Yellow Orange - YO
Yellow Light - Y
Yellow Green - YG
Brilliant Green - G
Pine Green or Hookers Green - BG Sapphire - B
Blue Violet - BV
Amethyst (RV + W) - RV tint
Black - BK
Unbleached Titanium - W

Painting medium of choice or water Retarder Medium or Gel Retarder.

#3-4 round, #4-6 filbert - Basic painting. #2 liner - Fine details, liner.
½" oval glaze, filbert, or flat - Applying glaze or antiquing.
1" oval glaze, filbert, or flat - Applying Retarder or Gel Retarder.
1" mop or bristle blender - Blending out antiquing.