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This bundle includes the beautifully turned, custom 16" bass wood bowl made for us by Tim Montzka, photos, step sheet and instructions.  The design originally appeared in book but it has been redone with new photos and enlargements for a new expanded pattern packet.

This beautiful com combination of hues reflects today ’s more sensitive use of color.  Color that makes you feel as though you can taste it; color that is both calm and stimulating.  Also featured are more gentle brush techniques.  You’ll Want to have several old brushes as we work toward a softer, more impressionistic stroke work style.  Soft undefined edges are especially nice and dry brushed highlights and shadows help contribute to the softer look.  I think that once you try this look, you too, will love it.  So sit back from your painting a little more, hold the brush further back on the handle, near the end of the handle and paint a dreamscape.

Retarder Medium
Magic Mix
Kleister Medium (optional)

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors:
Dioxazine Purple - V
Bed Violet - BV
Napthol Crimson - B
Vermilion - O
Yellow Deep - Y
Brilliant Green - G
Ultramarine Blue - B
Carbon Black - Bk
Titanium White - W

Jo Sonja's Background colors
Wild Grape
Mustard Seed

#4 round, #4 - 6 filbert - Basic painting.
Old, worn #6 - 8 filbert or flat - Basing flowers, painting scene.
Old, worn #10, #12 filbert or 3/8" oval glaze - Painting sky, dry brushing of piece.
#2 liner — Fine details, stripes.
1" flat or oval glaze - Applying Retarder Medium.
3/8” oval glaze or large filbert - Applying glazes.
3/4” - 1” mop, bristle blender or stippler - Blending out glazes.