Midsummer's Morn - JP3346

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This beautiful combination of hues reflects today ’s more sensitive use of color.  Color that makes you feel as though you can taste it; color that is both calm and stimulating.  Also featured are more gentle brush techniques.  You’ll Want to have several old brushes as we work toward a softer, more impressionistic stroke work style.  Soft undefined edges are especially nice and dry brushed highlights and shadows help contribute to the softer look.  I think that once you try this look, you too, will love it.  So sit back from your painting a little more, hold the brush further back on the handle, near the end of the handle and paint a dreamscape.

Retarder Medium
Magic Mix
Kleister Medium (optional)

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors:
Dioxazine Purple - V
Bed Violet - BV
Napthol Crimson - B
Vermilion - O
Yellow Deep - Y
Brilliant Green - G
Ultramarine Blue - B
Carbon Black - Bk
Titanium White - W

Jo Sonja's Background colors
Wild Grape
Mustard Seed

#4 round, #4 - 6 filbert - Basic painting.
Old, worn #6 - 8 filbert or flat - Basing flowers, painting scene.
Old, worn #10, #12 filbert or 3/8" oval glaze - Painting sky, dry brushing of piece.
#2 liner — Fine details, stripes.
1" flat or oval glaze - Applying Retarder Medium.
3/8” oval glaze or large filbert - Applying glazes.
3/4” - 1” mop, bristle blender or stippler - Blending out glazes.