Mardi Gras - JP3330

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There is a big party! Wonderful food, music, dancing, parades and costumes. This box is a collection of memories themed by a special celebration called Mardi Gras and painted for our son Mark and his wife Val on their 40th wedding anniversary.

Complete Supply List:

Painting Medium of choice
All Purpose Sealer
Retarder Medium

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors
Napthol Red Light
Red Violet
Red Earth
Brown Madder
Napthol Crimson
Arylide Yellow
Yellow Orange
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Gold Oxide
Yellow Green
Tree Frog Green
Brilliant Green
Pthalo Green
Pthalo Blue
Blue Violet
Diox Purple
Burnt Sienna
Wild Grape
Brown Earth
Provincial Beige
Carbon Black
Unbleached Titanium
Titanium White

Special Effect Colors
Red Iridescent
Gold Iridescent
Green Iridescent
Turquoise Iridescent
Blue Iridescent
Violet Iridescent
Rich Gold
Pale Gold
Pearl White
Gold Dust
Opal Dust

#3-4 round, #2, 4, 6 filbert - Basic painting
#1-2 short liner - Fine details
1/2" Oval Wash - Applying Retarder Medium
3/4" mop - Blending out Retarder or large areas of paint
3/4" Oval Wash - For large areas of color, varnish and paint
Old brushes - Applying glitter