Kleister Medium

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This semi-transparent medium is added to paint to provide extra body for textural patterns for Faux Finishes such as Faux Bois or Wood Graining techniques.  It provides transparency to the paint and extends its drying time.

• Use Kleister Medium as an overglaze to create transparent and textural patterns for techniques such as wood graining and ragging.
• Kleister Medium may be tinted with color of choice beginning with a ratio of approximately 1 part paint to 3 parts Kleister Medium.
• Apply evenly over dry base coated item. Create texture or patterns using tools of choice, i.e. brush, rag, plastic, sponge, graining tool, etc.
• Use as a general painting medium to assist with strokework.
• Kleister Medium may be used to prepare a smoked background for various painting techniques.
• Retarder Medium may be applied to the surface or added with Kleister Medium for an extended working time. Kleister Medium will delay drying and curing time.
• Dry thoroughly before decorating or varnishing. A hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying. Cure time is 2 weeks under normal conditions. An extended dry and cure time should be allowed and varies due to humidity and climatic conditions or if an excessive amount of Kleister Medium has been used.
• A coat of Clear Glaze Medium is recommended prior to application of varnish, depending on humidity and climatic conditions.

Approximate Coverage: 1 ml = 125 sq cm / 1 oz = 4 sq ft

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