Pouring Medium

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As the saying goes, you learn about painting by painting; our updated version would be that you learn about acrylic pouring by pouring!  Acrylic pouring, by its nature, lends itself to experimentation, and the more that you do, the more you will understand about what colors work together, how much medium to add, what additives to try, etc. 

As you explore the fun you can do with acrylic pouring, be sure to document your process because the way a pour looks when wet can change when it dries. To see more examples of pouring techniques, please visit our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/Chroma0001.

Enjoy the magic of pouring!

Jo Sonja's Pouring Medium

• Use with Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic
• Use for pouring applications applied horizontally
• Dries clear, glossy and flexible
• Water-based & non-toxic