Introduction to Os Rosemaling - online class

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 Class Details and Benefits:                                             
  • Previously offered as a dvd.
  • In-depth Video Instruction; 2 videos - 3 1/2 hours in length
  • On-demand access anytime beginning immediately after your purchase.
  • Downloadable PDF resources including closeup photos, patterns and instructions.



Located a little Southwest of Bergen, the Os Rosemaling style was mostly small, airy bouquets of “wildflowers.” Most enchanting about the bouquets is their casual arrangements and profusion of colors, leaving you with the impression of “joy of life.” A bouquet to brighten a table or corner in the darkest winter night.

Complete Supply List:

Kleister Medium – for transparent strokework.


Jo Sonja's Artist Colors
Purple Madder, Burgundy, or Red Violet
Napthol Crimson or Napthol Red Light
Red Earth or Norwegian Orange (for opaquing reds/oranges).
Yellow Oxide, Marigold, or Mustard Seed (opaque yellow).
Yellow Orange or Turners Yellow
Green Oxide or Vines
Prussian Blue Hue
Raw Umber (toner)
Unbleached Titanium or Warm White
Rich Gold
Blues – 3 values of Prussian Blue Hue + white + touch of Raw Umber.
Greens – mix 3 values, a medium value, then 1 lighter and 1 darker. Add Prussian Blue Hue to darken your medium green. Add yellow and a little white to lighten your green.

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
Series 1350 #3-4 round,
Series 1385 #4-6 filbert – Basic painting.
Series 1360 #2 liner – Fine details.
Series 1310 #2 striper – Stripes and fern-like tear drops.