Hardanger Rosemaling - JP3112

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East of Bergen is the Hardanger region, best known for its cutwork embroidery style. What we will study here is the style of Per Anderson Arhus, from Arhus in Steinsdalen, (born 1758). His style is very unique and his headdress boxes are not only distinctive, but a beautiful example of folk art decoration.
I’ve adapted his headdress style to a delightful small breadbox from Creative Woodworks. The whimsical front panel is my own variation and I’ve also given you a more serious and perhaps better, as far as pure decorative art goes, stylized panel idea. I have also seen an early headdress box more in the style of early chalk painting techniques. (Krottinger) It is also noteworthy that his scrolls are more round (Baroque-like) than oval, from the earlier box.