Halling Rose - JP3256 Bundle

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The bundle includes the beautifully turned and coopered stein, pattern packet with color photos and instructions and FREE US shipping.

We haven't had these in stock for 4-5 years.  Supply is limited and we don't expect to have them again anytime soon.  The stein is as a heritage piece - coopered and turned out of poplar by Larry Pickett.   This is a large stein measuring 12" high and 6 1/4" in diameter.

Stylized flower forms from the Hallingdal area of Norway are painted on this lovely stave container, commonly called a tankard or kanne.

Flow Medium – to help with lines.
Kleister – to help with transparent stroking
Retarder – to extend blending time (antiquing).
Texture Paste – Add to colors when more texture is desired. 2 parts Texture Paste + 1 part Kleister is my favorite stroke texture to blend to add to color for more stroke texture.

Jo Sonja's Artist Colors

Norwegian Orange
Purple Madder
Antique Green
Teal Green
Unbleached Titanium
Carbon Black
Rich Gold

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch

#4 filbert, 3 round – Basic painting.
#2 short liner – Fine details, lettering, stripes.
#2 detailer – tear drops, fine lines.
1/2” old filbert or flat – Applying Retarder Medium.
#8 or 10 domed round blender – Applying glaze colors.
¾”-1” mop – Blending out glazes.