Green Meadows of Telemark - JP3309

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This lovely color theme, so appropriate for today’s décor, was inspired by an antique piece, by Amund Myro, that we saw in a Norwegian folk art museum during one of our tours with Vesterheim to Norway. Although his large cupboards were painted in the Hallingdal tradition, the color adapted well to this piece
The piece is a bost cast, a Norwegian “hidey-hole,” used to store small things such as a brush and comb, mittens, a small bottle of spirits, etc. The stories vary. This piece is sized to hold a box of tissues or table napkin. You can adapt it to sit on a shelf by drilling a small hole and gluing a wooden axel peg in the center of the bottom “scallop.”

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Retarder Medium

Red Earth
Tiger Lily
Indian Red Oxide
Naples Yellow Hue
Yellow Oxide
Gold Oxide
Green Oxide
Olive Green or Teal Green
Raw Umber
Rich Gold
Unbleached Titanium

Jo Sonja's Sure Touch
#4-6 filbert, #3-4 round – Basic painting.
#0-2 1330 sable liner or sable detailer – Fine details, tear drops.
¼” Possibilities brush – Glazing and casual hatching (finishing).
#2-3 striper – Stripes.