Grandmother's Tote - JP3275

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For years we have tried to emulate Peter Ompir marvelous antiquing technique and this is as close as we’ve ever come.  The technique requires  patience, practice and an adventurous spirit.  Start simply on easy surfaces and slowly develop your skills.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice
Clear Glaze Medium
Retarder Medium (optional)

Red Earth
Pink Mix (red + white + touch
of Orange)
Indian Red Oxide
Turners Yellow
Raw Sienna
Antique Brass
Medium Green Mix (Teal +
Yellow Oxide)
Teal Green
Storm Blue
Unbleached Titanium
Raw Umber
Carbon Black

#3-4, #4 and #6 filbert - basic painting
#2 short liner - fine details; stroke border
#1-2 striper - stripe 1/2"-3/4" Oval Wash* or
Possibility Brush - applying glaze
2-3 lightly water dampened paint-free paper towels (put them in a plastic baggy or box)
A potato (scrubbed clean)
a palette knife
* The Oval Wash is a brush that we love. It flows on a more even coat of glaze
color, base paint, or varnish. It is a keeper.