Good Morning - JP3344 Bundle

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Quick and easy or great for gift!  Includes the small tray, pattern, photos and instructions to do the design shown here.  The lightweight tray is beautifully made of solid alder and is 9 /14" long x 5" wide and 2"high. 

A Perfect tray for your morning coffee mug and roll or a small snack.

Painting Medium of Choice
Retarder Medium

Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Colors:
Orange (O)
Red (R)
Red Violet (RV)
Arylide Yellow (Y)
Yellow Orange (YO)
Green (G)
Pthalo Green (BG)
Pthalo Blue (B)
Diox Purple (V)
Carbon Black (Blk)
Titanium White (W)

#3 round, #2-4 filbert - Basic painting
#1-2 liner - Fine details
#1-2 striper - Stripes
#2 Oval Dry Brush - Dry brush grooves, blend fruit.
3/8" or 1/2" Oval Wash - Applying Retarder Medium
3/4" White Mop - Blending out Retarder