Glass & Tile Primer

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Glass and Tile Primer prepares glass, glazed ceramics and enamel for painting, providing additional bonding for the paint.  It is essential for use on painted items which are too large or otherwise unsuitable for heat setting in an oven and should be used in conjunction with Glass and Tile Medium.

• Using a clean brush, apply a generous amount of Chroma’s Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer to a clean dry surface to prepare it. Allow to dry. A blooming or cloudiness may be evident on glass after application. This is normal and can be buffed off when your designs have cured.
• If preparing the inside surface of a glass container (eg a decorative Christmas ball), the Primer may be poured in and swirled around to coat the interior surface. Drain thoroughly and allow to dry.
• Paint as per instructions under Glass and Tile Medium.

Note: Glass and Tile Primer is flammable and appropriate safety measures should be followed.

Not recommended for use on plastics.

Approximate coverage: 1 ml = 62 sq cm / 1 oz = 2 sq ft

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