French Bridal Clock - JP3364 Bundle

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The bundle includes the beautiful table top clock cabinet (including the clock works) NEW 24 page instruction pattern packet with detailed color photos and FREE US shipping.  The clock cabinet measures 12" x 8" x 5".

The design was taught in seminar in Eureka in 2019 and has not been published.

From Northern France, the Alsace Region, comes this stylized old tradition of flower and bird painting on small coffers and boxes, which were usually used for love gifts. In the early 1600's a French designer, Jacques Hurtu, introduced the string of pearls pattern (Cosse-de-pois), which forms the idea for the Lilies of the Valley, used most often in white and/or Vermilion.

Here I present my interpretation of this style, using more jewel-like colors and beautiful (tipping and side loading) strok work techniques.
The motif of the clasped hands is very traditional on these pieces, as are simple tulip scrolls.

For more inspiration on this style, look at old French or Italian tapestries and manuscript painting.

Jo Sonja's Fine Artist's Mediums
Painting Medium of choice
Kleister Medium
Retarder Medium

Jo Sonja’s Fine Artist’s Colors
Vermilion or Orange (O)
Gold Oxide (Toned O)
Napthol Crimson or Pyrrole Red (R)
Brown Madder (Toned R)
Red Violet (RV)
Purple Madder (Toned RV)
Arylide Yellow (Y)
Yellow Oxide (Y Ox.)
Raw Sienna (RS)
Burnt Sienna (BS)
Yellow Green (YG)
Brilliant Green (G)
Pthalo Green (BG)
Olive Green (Toned G)
Pthalo Blue or Ultramarine Blue (B)
Diox Purple (V)
Brilliant Violet
Carbon Black or Black Umber (Blk)
Unbleached Titanium (Toned W)
Titanium White (W)
Rich Gold
Pearl White

#3-4 Select round - I painted these designs with the round brush. I used it for everything except the glazing
#2 liner - Fine details
1" flat or oval glaze - Applying Retarder Medium
3/8"-1/2" flat, filbert or oval glaze - Applying the glaze color
1" mop, stippler or bristle blender - Softening out glaze color