Flowers from the Past - JP3229 - Bundle

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Included in this bundle is one 10" basswood plate, clockworks, and the designs and instructions for the two different clocks shown in the photos.  Choose which one works best for you! 

With colors soft and toned, with techniques gentle and slightly dry brushed, these florals speak of a bouquet from times past.

Complete Supply List:

Painting medium of choice (water)
Retarder or Gel Retarder
Kleister Medium

Jaune Brilliant
Napthol Red Light
Red Violet
Rosewood or Indian Red Oxide
Naples Yellow Hue (optional)
Turners Yellow
Yellow Orange
Yellow Oxide
Raw Sienna
Brilliant Green
Olive Green
Celadon or Aqua
Blue Violet
Brilliant Violet
Titanium White
Raw Umber
Background color - Antique Brass or Husk
Rich Gold

Tints: Add white to color.
Toning: Add Raw Umber or a touch of compliment color.
Medium blue mix: Blue Violet + Titanium White + tiny touch of Raw Sienna or Orange (compliment).
Medium white mix: Titanium White + touch of Raw Sienna and med. blue mix.
Medium Coral Mix : Orange + Titanium White.

Choose a small blender: Basic painting.
#0 Domed Round Blender
#2 Oval dry brush, or #2 pointed round blender.
Choose a liner (#2 short liner) for fine details
1/2" old flat or filbert - Applying Retarder or Gel Retarder.
3/4"-1" flat - Applying Clear Glaze Medium or Fast Drying Glaze Medium and Varnishing