Cork Sealer - 8 oz Bottle

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Used to seal most porous surfaces in preparation for painting, Cork Sealer is ideal for providing long lasting protection for decoys by reducing chipping and degradation of the cork.  Can also be used on burlap, canvas, paper and wood.

• Apply undiluted to clean, dry surface using a bristle brush.  Brush out excess to avoid streaks and runs.  Make sure the entire surface is covered.
• Allow to air dry.
• Wait 24 hours and then apply second coat. Allow to air dry overnight.
• Use Chroma’s Jo Sonja Gesso to prime surface prior to painting.
• Continue as normal with painting.
• For decoys, allow finished piece to cure for 48 hours before putting in water.

Approximate Coverage: 1 ml = 188 sq cm / 1 oz = 6 sq ft

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